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Pain Management

Pain is not simply uncomfortable, but it can lead to other problems that make life difficult. Sleeplessness, anxiety and depression are just a few side effects from continuous pain that can actually slow down the recovery process.

Are You Suffering from Discomfort?

Your doctor can help you deal with debilitating pain. There are many types of pain that can interfere with your lifestyle and may need treatment. The sooner you address your pain, the more likely you will be able to keep your pain from worsening or causing additional complications

Acute Pain

Often a shorter-lived kind of pain, acute pain rarely lasts longer than 4-6 weeks without getting better. Acute pain can range from a sharp muscle ache to a shooting or stabbing pain. It can limit your movements or standing ability.

Recurrent Pain

A type of pain that returns frequently and does not end with one episode. One of the most common types of recurrent pain is in the lower back. Recurrent pain causes a lifestyle disturbance due to the fear of bringing back the painful episode.

Chronic Pain

Lasting longer than three months, chronic pain does not subside. While the day-to-day pain may relent slightly, it does not dissipate and often worsens over time. It may be difficult to discover the root cause for this type of pain.

Managing Your Pain

The most frequent areas for acute, recurrent and chronic pain can be addressed by a chiropractor. By aligning the spinal chord and promoting bodily healing, your chiropractor can help with a number of painful problems.

Spinal Injury

When the spinal chord is damaged or out of alignment, painful symptoms can result. Sometimes this pain is felt around the spinal chord and sometimes the pain is referred to other parts of the body because of how the nerves are affected. Because the spinal chord is what the chiropractor specializes in, these types of injury may be best treated by chiropractic care.


Severe headaches (or migraines) may be due to nerve or muscle strain. Because of the number of nerves and muscles that run along the spine and up the neck to the stem of the brain, chiropractic care can relieve pressure and encourage healing to reduce these head pains.

Back Pain & Neck Pain

When the back is out of alignment, the muscles on one side will have to overcompensate for movements. Overworking the muscles can cause acute, recurrent or chronic pain in the upper back, lower back or neck. Chiropractic care can treat the spinal chord, bringing complete alignment to the spine and allowing the muscles to relax, reducing pain.

Hiatal Hernia

A weak diaphragm muscle can allow the stomach to protrude up into the chest, causing acid reflux and heartburn. While a small hiatal hernia may not causer real discomfort, over time it may worsen to cause chest pain, GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), problems with swallowing and chronic burping. There is no known cause for a haital hernia, though pregnancy, obesity and stress may contribute to its development. The chiropractor can relieve pain and correct the haital hernia with massage and alignment techniques, encouraging the stomach back into place and strengthening the diaphragm muscles that need to keep it in place.

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