The first organ to form in the body is what becomes the brain and spinal cord.

If your job is to clean up the amazon, would you stop at the first place you come to that is
polluted or would you go up further upstream to the source of the pollution and start there?



Master Questionnaire
Dr. Mark Waterman DC, ACN, IDE, AH

The Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Master Questionnaire will be a great start to helping you evaluate the health and we11 being of your brain. Plus, it wi11 lead you to specific parts of the program that may be most helpful for you.

Think of this tool as the beginning of making your good brain great and having the best brain possible. For many years I have realized that not everyone is able to get a brain scan to check on the health of their brain. So, in order to bring the life-changing information that I have learned through our imaging work to the most people I have developed a series of questionnaires to help predict the areas of strengths and vulnerabilities of the brain.

Feel free to give these questionnaires to your friends and family members. Brain healthy friends and families are happier friends and families.

A word of caution is in order. Self-report questionnaires have advantages and limitations. They are quick and easy to score. On the other hand, people filling them out may porh·ay themselves in a way they want to be perceived, resulting in self-report bias. For example, some people exaggerate their experience and mark all of the symptoms as frequent, in essence saying, “I’m glad to have a real problem so that I can get help, be sick or have an excuse for the troubles I have.” Others are in total denial. They do not want to see any personal flaws and they do not check any symptoms as significantly problematic, in essence saying, “I’m OK. There’s nothing wrong with me. Leave me alone.” Not all self-report bias is intentional. People may genuinely have difficulty recognizing problems and expressing how they feel. Sometimes family members or friends are better at evaluating a loved one’s level of functioning than a person evaluating himself or herself. They may have noticed things that their loved one hasn’t.

Questionnaires of any sort should never be used as the only assessment tool. Use this one as a catalyst to help you think, ask better questions and get more evaluation if needed. Always discuss any recommendations with your personal physician.

Fill out the questionnaire and send the results to office@claremontchiropractic for evaluation. Free for the next 2 months.
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