No matter where you are experiencing pain, it is not fun. It can easily ruin your day and make your daily chores and activities impossible.

Here at Claremont Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we specialize in helping relieve pain, no matter how big or small it is.

Many people give their chiropractor a call as soon as they begin feeling pain. We don’t blame them. Dealing with a painful back, a neck that does not move, or a knee that hurts when you bend it can be very tough.

Many people do not realize that the pain they are experiencing has been going on for a while and is now just surfacing. You may have been in a car accident years ago and your body is only now showing symptoms. You also may have an old sports injury that has finally shown itself in other ways. No matter what the cause of your pain, we want to help you become pain free.

We work with you to get you the relief you need. We want to not only relieve your pain, but also ensure that the pain never returns. There are many ways we can help you, but your treatment depends on your specific issues. Some of the methods that we help patients are stretching, adjustments, heat/ice, stimulation therapy, and much more.

The road to feeling better can be found at our office. We love seeing new patients and would be happy to work with you too. If you have any questions regarding the relief care that we provide, contact us today at (909) 670-2225.