What Is CRA

Wellness occurs when energy is balanced and flowing with ease. When energy is not balanced, symptoms, syndromes, and disease can occur. Contact Reflex Analysis® is a technique that analyzes the energy that flows through every organ, gland, and cell in your body. A shift in muscle response indicates dis-ease or imbalances of this subtle energy within a patient – which can over time lead to disease.

The goal is to bring energies back into balance so healing can happen naturally… With CRA, doctors have a priority-based system that allows them to integrate all their techniques and tools and quickly determine the right thing at the right time for each patient so healing can occur.

About CRA

The traditional CRA method uses the muscle testing technique to assess and locate dis-ease—imbalances in subtle energies of your body. The gentle, but firm push is like a question while the muscle reactivity response indicates the answer. A subtle shift in energy always indicates when an area of imbalance has been found.

Doctors who use Contact Reflex Analysis® are often referred the most challenging patients as others have given up. CRA helps these doctors streamline their practice as they integrate all their knowledge, expertise, tools, techniques, products and more into one system.  They can get to the root cause, determine priority, and quickly create a protocol that does the right thing at the right time for optimal patient results. With CRA the body always reveals the next action step needed so healing can occur.

Energy Flows Through Every Cell In Your Body

When trying to understand how CRA works, it is sometimes helpful to compare the energy of your body with electricity in a house. We do not typically think about what is going on with our home unless something goes wrong. If there is an outage for a period, we are without heat or air conditioning and food may start spoiling in the fridge while electronics can no longer be charged.

The same applies for us – when things go out of balance (like during periods where you have little sleep, increased stress, and poor nutritional resources), we may become physically, mentally, and emotionally out of balance. When symptoms and syndromes finally become an urgent matter, the priority is to figure out what happened and needs to be done so the body can heal.

It is amazing that all our complex functions such as breathing, blinking, and moving from walking to running are achieved without us consciously thinking about it. This is because a healthy body can adapt according to the given situation or environment. Energy in this case flows freely—with ease. It goes everywhere enabling every cell, organ or system within the whole being live together harmoniously.

The human body can experience energy imbalances—dis-ease. Energy to an organ or system in the body might be disrupted so that it is not working at its full capacity and functioning properly. Frequencies of your natural vibrational state may be too high or too low for optimum wellness. Stress, unhealthy food choices, lack of sleep, and unhealthy microbes may contribute to this dis-ease. This creates susceptibility towards symptoms, syndromes, and if left untreated…disease.

Find and Treat the Cause Not the Symptoms

Western medicine traditionally treats symptoms and diseases through differential diagnosis, a systematic process. The doctor examines the patient, notes symptoms, and gets details on family and personal history to help determine what tests need to be performed to eliminate possibilities until the single most likely cause has been identified. A diagnosis is made, and treatment is prescribed.

For example, if a patient has an acid stomach, antacids are given.

If the gallbladder is causing chronic pain, it may be removed surgically.

If sinuses are congested, antihistamines and decongestants are prescribed. If that does not help, the sinuses are scraped.

Inhalers and steroids are given to control asthma.

However, the question remains… “What is the cause?” If one is unable to determine this answer, patients are doomed to a life which consists of symptom management with no hope for complete healing.

Everyday people are diagnosed with some horrific disease. Without minimizing the severity of this diagnosis, you can ask: “What is the cause?”

An active parent and work professional suffers from chronic depression. Depression is not only a symptom but also an illness itself-yet what is its cause?

A child is not able to sit still and concentrate or focus; grades in school are poor. The child has been diagnosed with ADHD. Lack of focus and concentration, along with not being able to sit still are all symptoms. But what is the cause?

A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. What is the cause? What occurred where cells began to grow and multiply in abnormal, unhealthy ways?

Case studies have shown that no diseases are an entity by themselves. The cause may be a complex combination of any number of things including nerve interference, poor nutrition, chemicals in food, water and air, stress, abuse, loss, and more. Symptoms may not necessarily be noticed right away because the body has been created with many backup systems.

When one part of the body is not functioning optimally, another part will work overtime. For example, if the right kidney is not functioning optimally, the left kidney will compensate and work harder. The body is functioning, but there is an energetic dis-ease that often goes unnoticed.

If the right kidney returns to optimal health, the left kidney can also return to its state of ease. Energetic balance is restored. If, however, any backup system, organ, or gland must work overtime for an extended period, it too will tire.  Symptoms and syndromes due to dis-ease appear.

It is unfortunate that people are often more in tune with the appliances and utilities not working at home rather than their own body. Minor symptoms are typically self-treated by taking over-the-counter medication, and the cause is ignored. Typically, a person only visits the doctor when the symptoms become annoying, cause pain, or affect daily life. Even then, not all doctors are trained in methods used to discover the underlying cause.


Reveal the Cause and Priority for Healing

Doctors who use Contact Reflex Analysis do not merely manage symptoms. They work to uncover the cause of symptoms, syndromes, and dis-ease. Once the cause is revealed they use CRA to create an effective personalized protocol for each patient. The CRA system allows them to effectively integrate all their knowledge, expertise, techniques, nutrition, essential oils, technology and more to prioritize and determine the right thing at the right time for each patient so healing can occur.